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32. The End of this Road

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Well…..this is it, the last day of my work at Grand Designs Australia.
How do I summarise the past three years?

You think about how much time you spend with the people you work with, especially if you are full time. Day in and out, you see them more than your friends and family, so I’ve always had the mindset that I should really be passionate about that environment and my role. I have never been one of those ‘I live to work’ people; life has way too much to offer than just that. I was unfortunately not one of those people who had connections to get my foot in the door, so I’ve had to work really hard to be in this industry and get to where I am-maybe that is why I appreciate it that much more. The allure of a TV/film production job can at first seem glamorous, but the reality is you do long hours and it can be extremely demanding physically and emotionally. There have been times where I’ve worked for free, done over 70-80hr weeks, had to sacrifice a lot of personal commitments-but all that has been worth it, since it got me to working here.

I’m sure when I first started they thought who this weird chick. I never had to change or pretend to be anyone other than who I am. I felt accepted from the start and have never been made to feel like I am not good enough or incapable of my job. In fact, it has been the opposite-everyone is so encouraging that it is contagious. I have never not wanted to come in other than when I was sick and that is pretty awesome.

I can easily say that the charm and the reason everybody loves to work here, stems from the Executive Producer. She will probably deny and take none of the credit as she is so beautifully humble, but it is true. From day one, she would always take the time to listen to me, laugh at my silly jokes (when she smiles she smiles with her whole body) and she has become such a mentor. She nurtures all the employees and it shows. Her friendly, helpful, joking, easy going vibe just filters down-there is a reason why most of us have been here for at least a few years or even since its beginning.

I’ve been so used to working in a predominantly male environment that it was such a breath of fresh air coming here and being surrounded by amazingly talented women. Though the men are absolute sweethearts (with the odd day of doing my head in, but that is pretty normal). My production manager has become my confident and she is the definitely the resident psychologist for us all…she even has the couch in the office to match. She has the most beautiful nature, so easy going with this quick wit and sense of humour that is infectious. All of the producers and post producers give their everything to the show. They genuinely care about making it the best it can be and that is why so many love to watch it. I could describe every person here, with their little quirks that I absolutely adore but this would be pages long.

Though I am really sad to be leaving and fear that I will never find a job quite the same –I know it is time to move on and make time for my motherhood chapter. They are not going to get rid of me completely as I will show up with the bub from time to time, demanding we do baby chinos and set up that nursery in the corner. It has been such an amazing place to work, while so much has happened. When I first started it was all about me coming in on a Monday, telling tales of my uber busy weekends, probably with some silly drunken story or documenting the year of 30ths, weddings and me being a bridesmaid. Then it was onto my own wedding and now as they have watched me get bigger and bigger with my pregnancy. The whole time they have showed such love, warmth and generosity with these huge milestones. I am so incredibly grateful to have been surrounded by such ‘amazeballs peeps.’

The thing I really love about this industry is the close bonds you form with the crew-they become like a second family. I have met some lifelong friends and just think you are all rad. It really makes me think that if you get the opportunity to work in an industry that you are really passionate about, you should grab onto it with both hands and be thankful as there are so many people out there who are unemployed or hate what they do. So thank you to all the GD peeps for the last three years.

I did like what a lady I work with said to me the other day…your baby will be your most excellent production ever- what a nice way of thinking about it.


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  1. What a wonderful goodbye…we love you too!! Andyxx

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