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35. The thing about friendship is….

I just had a friend over who I hadn’t seen in a long time, as she’s been overseas. It got me thinking about the last few months especially, but also of a lifetime of friendships. They say friends come and go for different reasons in your life and at different times. Some are fleeting and some are forever. Some scar you, hurt you, anger you and those friendships burn out like a match. Then there are others that are just for big groups, partying and giggles. But if you are lucky, some are magical. Like a beautiful storybook of memories that expands each time you meet, never knowing which way it will go. Some don’t need lots of time spent together (though of course you would always like more time), as every time you see each other, it is like it was just yesterday. Like just then.

Since I’ve had my daughter (still sounds weird saying that), it has been so amazing to see all my friends and families love for my husband and I, but more importantly for her. Even though they had never met her before, there has been this heart-warming connection they all feel, because they already have that love for us. Funny how love works. We are so lucky to have such a large, yet close group of friends surrounding us and we are so grateful for. They have come from all walks of life and are all beautifully unique. Some I have bonded with on a new level since joining the parent brigade too.

I heard a quote that goes something like ‘friends are the family you chose for yourself.’ Man, I have a great family then. But you know what? My family have also become my friends. You know you are getting older when you consider your parents your friends and your siblings, your closest of friends (when you were little you probably fought like cats and dogs). With time that has passed, I’ve had friends who have been the strongest of supports when I have needed it. Since Bonnie I can’t even believe how incredible my friends and family have been-whether it has been from cooking meals, buying beautiful gifts, lending an ear or a shoulder when I’ve needed it, giving advice, making me laugh, giving great hugs, all of it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

A friend who I met through work came round the other day and I haven’t got to see her much over the last few years as she spends a lot of her time in France and we live busy lives….but I said I knew I missed you but it wasn’t until I just saw you again that I realised how much. I get that feeling every time I see friends who have been away or when they are near but time has just flown past and we haven’t got to catch up in a while. Like today, when another beautiful friend came round and we gasbagged for hours but it felt like only minutes. It is so nice to have her back.

So I just wanted to take the time to say how much I love you all my beautiful, amazing, intelligent, funny, exciting, spontaneous, loving, sexy, fun, deep friends. Some of you are so close and I am so grateful, some of your are around the globe and I am excited for you, but miss you incredibly, some are just returning and I cant wait to see you, some of you are my oldest and closest, some of you are my newest and I can’t wait for that friendship to grow and memories made.

To my family-near or far, immediate or now by marriage-you have each done so much for me in your individual ways. Even just two days ago, I got a beautiful letter and package just because from my Aunty Lee ( I will call you tomorrow to say thanks!!) Thank you from the bottom of my heart, as you all shape me to be a better person.

My parents- I can’t thank you enough for everything you have given me. The best start at life, solid morals, advice and support. Now I am a parent I understand all the sacrifices you gave so much more. I couldn’t ask for better parents.

To my sister- you are my rock and my compass and the funniest/weirdest person I know. Without you, life wouldn’t make sense. You’re an incredible mum too. I love your children to bits too.

To my husband- I shouldn’t have to say how much you mean to me cause you should know, but you are my everything. I tell you my secrets, my desires, my weird stories and you still love me. I do strange things and can be trying at times but you love me more. You are the best lover, father and the best of friends and I am so incredibly lucky to have met you. Thank you for making Bonnie with me too. My love for you grows mountains each day.

To Bonnie- though we have just met, I feel like I have known you for a lifetime. All we have to do is look in to each other’s eyes and it is like nothing exists but just us in that moment. You are by far the best thing I have done and I know you will be an incredible little thing when you are grown. But for now, let’s just enjoy each little moment day by day. I love you forever.