Destination: Some Place Else

…to get away for if only a moment

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21. Begin again as it says

We all have a past that maybe
we have chased away. A something that
you want to forget, a time that was cruel.
A last goodbye.
A day that you wish you could take back
because you were not so nice.
A sad song that reminds you of the tears
that once flowed.
A word that you wished wasn’t the last.
A love that you are glad you got away from.
A friend that hurt you.
A broken promise.
When you were so angry you did whatever
you could to numb yourself.
When someone left this world forever.
When you were so lost you weren’t sure if
you would come back from it.

There are also times when want to begin again. Like everyday were your first and your last wrapped in one. When faith is restored that it all happens for a reason. When you realise that all that bad stuff in between, was to make the good stuff count. A simple moment that might seem so insignificant to others but made you inspired to try something new, do something different, be another person. A reason to get up and a reason to let go.

A sunrise.
A sunset.
A baby’s smile.
A quiet moment.
A first glance.
A lover’s warm kiss.
A new experience.
A fine wine.
A laugh till it hurts.
A laugh at yourself.
A piece of advice.
A cultural awakening.
A song that takes you away.
A film that moves you.
A best friend.
A new friend.
A memory.
An unexpected compliment.
A holiday that opens your eyes.
A beat that makes you body move.
A dress up party.
A family who cares.
A passionate encounter.
A meaningful cause.
A piece of art that inspires you.
A challenge at work.
A drive on a long, open road.
A partner who is your equal.
A book that changes you.
A good sleep.
A spontaneous act.
A meal made with love.
A thing called respect.
A right to learn.
A walk in the park with no shoes.
A chat with a friend across the globe.
A really good hug.
A guilty pleasure.
A stranger.
A swim in the ocean.
A rediscovery of something old.
A stupid mistake.
A sexual desire.
A moment when no words are needed.
An intelligent conversation.
A something that is just yours.
A walk in the rain.
A photo you took.
A love that goes forever.
A day that was just good for no particular reason.

Watch a film that makes you rediscover the beauty of making music and finding new love. Of walking in big cities and learning to claim old love and a way to mend broken wounds. ‘Begin again.’