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17. A Spice Rack of Films

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I just saw three films in 24 hours. I didn’t save the world or do anything life changing, but these kind of days make me take note that is a good day. Normally this would be saved for MIFF (Melbourne International Film Festival) or some other movie marathon but it just kinda fell that way and why not?

So here I am sitting on a tram in the silence of strangers, watching the rain fall down thinking about life as I so often do after a worthwhile film and am compelled to write. See watching these three very different films made me realize just how important it is to watch and do different things in life because it makes it that much more beautiful. I think we so often choose to follow the safer path of what we know. Like eat at the same restaurant, order the same dish and watch the same genre of films. Now some people may be perfectly fine being comfortable in life and that is totally fine. But I choose to fill my plate with the spices of life, ones that fulfill and enrich me. So I go to three different cinemas and see three films that are completely different and all have their merits, just because.

Now I can’t say that I live and breathe for chick flicks, but something has to be said for sitting down with your besties and watching a really bad rom com about sisterhood. I mean there was a reason why ‘Sex and the City’ was so popular, especially whilst sitting in your trackies, gulping down wines and eating pizza. Admittedly, my first choice (at the Rivolli) ‘The Other Woman’ was in no means a great film, not even close, I even found myself rolling my eyes at a few points. But it still made me look over to my beautiful friends and think, I’m lucky to have them. I learnt little about life, but a lot about women banding together to overcome a shitty circumstance. Afterwards, though Laura, Dani nor I chatted about how the film affected us in the most meaningful way, we enjoyed a coffee, some good conversation and our friendship –just like any good chick flick should.

Then Sunday night, Lewy and I headed to the Nova to see ‘Only Lovers Left Alive. ’ I’ve always been a big fan of director Jim Jarmusch (Down by Law, Dead Man, Broken Flowers) so was excited to see his new film. I was pulled into this mesmerizing rollercoaster of a life of damnation set against the desolate wastelands of Detroit. Tim Middleson plays a tortured musician and vampire who is living a lonesome existence, often referring to humans as zombies. He calls upon his lifelong lover, played by Tilda Swinton, who has been roaming the exotic streets of Tangier. It is not only the beautiful cinematography, amazing performances but the hauntingly good music. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack with stunning Middle Eastern influences, especially from Lebanese singer Yasmine Hamdan, Dutch composer Jozef van Wissem and SQÜRL, Jim’s band with Carter Logan and Shane Stoneback.

Lastly, was a trip to ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) to the lighthearted, French film ‘2 Autumns, 3 Winters’ by director Sébastien Betbeder. The protagonist reminded me of my first boyfriend for some reason, vulnerable, misunderstood, unsure of his direction in life, but a good guy at heart. This film tracked the rise and fall of a relationship and like any good French film was filled with bittersweet, whimsical, slightly oddball (at one point the main cast start singing to the camera) moments that just sucker you in and make you feel good at the end. I also loved the fact that I had never seen any of these actors before. After most foreign films, I’m left with a philosophical mentality which is obvious by my waffle on the page right now. So as Mish and I exited the cinema and decided to walk in the light rainfall instead of using our umbrellas, we appreciated the beauty of an empty Fed Square at night. I like to think that the movie enhanced this experience too.

So now back on the tram with the strangers- I urge you to go to different things that are out of your comfort zone. It is like the faces I see on the tram before me, not one is the same and no story of theirs is either. So look up the local art house theatre and see something that sounds weird, or watch a doco about a bad soccer team in the Pacific at ACMI or Oklahoma at the Astor and spread those filmic wings…….it might translate into every aspect of your life.

The films (The Other Woman-though I wouldn’t really recommend it for the cinema) (Only Lovers Left Alive) (2 Autumns, 3 Winters)

Some of my fav cinemas

Only lovers left alive music


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